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Singapore Persians & Bullodgs

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Welcome to SG Persians & Exotics. This website is to share lovely pics of flatfaced persians and exotic shorthair kitties.

We select our Persians & Exotic Short Hair felines conscientiously from National Winners and Grand Champion blood lines of reputable overseas professional show breeders in USA, France, UK etc. We love to extend our thanks to those wonderful breeders for giving us the opportunity to own their beautiful persians  & exotics kittens.

Our aim is to introduce genuine feline lovers these awesome breeds and to educate inexperienced cat owners hoe to take good care of their cats. All our felines are blessed with good health; temperament and meet the breed standard set by CFA.

A Persian's glamorous coat is undoubtedly an elegant sight to behold. Coupled with it's gentle and affectionate personality, to date Persians are categorically crowned as the most popular breed & wonderful plush pet on your lap!

Like the Persians, The Exotic Short Hair is a docile & sweet tempered feline with the body conformation of a Persian but with short dense coat making them look like teddy bears.

SG Persians & Exotics SH's felines are PKD, FELV/FIV negative.


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